About Me

I am a seismology PhD candidate at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Obsevatory of Columbia University. My research focuses primarily on imaging subsurface structure on a tectonic scale using surface-wave methods. I am most interested in lithospheric structure and evolution, particularly at plate margins.

Science is an active process and I enjoy engaging with every step, from data collection in the field to science communication and outreach beyond the classroom.


  • Lithospheric structure and evolution
  • Ambient seismic noise
  • Surface-wave imaging
  • Field work
  • Data visualization
  • Earth science education


  • PhD in Seismology (proj. 2022)
  • Columbia University
  • MPhil in Seismology (2021)
  • Columbia University
  • MA in Seismology (2019)
  • Columbia University
  • ScB in Geology-Physics/Mathematics (2017)
  • Brown University

Research Projects

Bangladesh-India-Myanmar Array (BIMA) Experiment

The BIMA seismic experiment includes the deployment of 28 broadband seismometers in Bangladesh and 31 in Myanmar in February and November 2018, respectively. The ongoing collection of broadband seismic data across the Indo-Burman Subduction Zone (IBSZ) provides an opportunity to investigate subsurface velocity structure across an endmember system for sedimentary accretion.

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Study of Extension and maGmatism in Malawi aNd Tanzania (SEGMeNT)

The SEGMeNT experiment included passive seismic data collection utilizing a network of 63 stations spanning the northern and central Malawi Rift. This network included 6 broadband lake-bottom seismometers deployed between February and October, 2015. The SEGMeNT experiment provides one of the first seismic datasets collected in a sublacustrine environment, allowing for a closer look at interactions between lake processes, the solid earth, and the seismic ambient noise field. This research comprises my Master's Thesis.

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Teaching & Outreach

Science communication continues to be an essential element of my work, both within the classroom and beyond. During my time at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, I contribute to a wide range of events and programs, including the Seismic Sound Lab, Girls' Science Day, and Open House. During the pandemic of 2020-, I also began visiting elementary and middle-school classrooms virtually to engage budding earth scientists and introduce them to the Earth's interior.

At Columbia University, I engaged with the Center of Teaching and Learning's Teaching Development Program to hone my abilities and consciously incorporate active objective-focused learning into my lessons. This training aided in my years as a lead teaching assistant for a lab-oriented introductory course on geological structures and processes.


Some snapshots from adventures beyond the office.